Awards of Distinction

Each year Winona State University and the Alumni Society recognize individuals for their outstanding commitment to the university, its mission, and to improving our world. Distinguished Alumni Award recipients are graduates who have achieved prominence in their chosen field of endeavor and who have made significant contributions to the university, bringing honor to themselves and to their alma mater. The Distinguished Young Alumni Award recognizes graduates who are 45 years old or younger and have distinguished themselves in their work or in their community. Professional achievement, volunteer service and contributions to the university are also considered. The Distinguished Service Award recognizes WSU graduates or non-graduates who have voluntarily rendered significant contributions of time and talent to WSU. The Distinguished Faculty/Staff Award recognizes WSU faculty or staff who have elevated the esteem and prestige of the university through their commitment to the university and all of its constituent groups.




Please use the nomination form provided through this link to nominate individuals for these awards.


2013 Awards of Distinction Biographical Information









Mary Jo

Schreiber 1968 Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Erik

Thostenson 1995 Distinguished Young Alumni


Schaller 1995 Distinguished Young Alumni


Eddy   Distinguished Faculty


Reynolds 1967 Distinguished Service


Reynolds 1966, 1970 Distinguished Service

Dr. Darrell 

Krueger   Distinguished Service




Charles Fox 1954 Distinguished Alumni
Dr. Timothy Meyer 1990 Distinguished Alumni
Echo Huang 1995 Distinguished Young Alumni
Richard Jarvinen   Distinguished Service
Dr. Frederick Foss   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Sandy Olson   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Fred Olson   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Richard Holle 1961,1962 Distinguished Alumni
George Bolon   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Vivian Fusillo   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Jo Stejskal   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Kenneth Landro 1961 Distinguished Service
Amanda Brinkman 1999 Distinguished Young Alumni
Thomas Healy 1965 Distinguished Alumni 
Michael Rivers 1970 Distinguished Alumni
Kenneth Gorman   Distinguished Faculty/Staff 
Howard Munson   Distinguished Faculty/Staff 
Karen Fawcett 1983 Distinguished Service 
Mark Patterson 1973 Distinguished Service 
Tracy Coenen Schaefer 1998 Distinguished Young Alumni 
Jeanette Bergler 1957 Distinguished Alumni
Donald Redlich 1950 Distinguished Alumni
Robert DuFresne   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Dan Hoyt   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Steve Kohner   Distinguished Service
Kalene Engel 1990 Distinguished Young Alumni
David Rubenstein 1986 Distinguished Young Alumni
Michael Leaf 1985 Distinguished Alumni
Jeanine McShea 1980 Distinguished Alumni
Robert Keister 1962 Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Joseph Emanuel   Distinguished Faculty/Staff 
Muriel Arnold   Distinguished Service
David Arnold   Distinguished Service
Pat Rukavina   Distinguished Service
Daniel Rukavina   Distinguished Service
John Freund 1985 Distinguished Young Alumni
Jane Estes 1976 Distinguished Alumni
Harry Schoen Estate 1954 Distinguished Alumni
Cal Fremling   Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Michael Speltz 1980 Distinguished Service
Patrick Knoll 1986 Distinguished Young Alumni
James Comadoll 1983 Distinguished Alumni
George Griffith 1965 Distinguished Alumni
Larry Holstad 1967 Distinguished Faculty/Staff
Gary Evans   Distinguished Service
Debra Schulze 1990 Distinguished Young Alumni
Martin Lueck 1978 Distinguished Alumni
Roscoe Young 1974 Distinguished Alumni
Hugh Miller   Distinguished Service
Randall Knudson 1997 Distinguished Young Alumni
Adrienne Mitchell 1993 Distinguished Young Alumni
Rita Lewis 1983 Distinguished Alumni
Carl Miller 1965 Distinguished Alumni
Ervin Bublitz 1966 Distinguished Service
Ernest Buhler 1958 Distinguished Service
Nathan Gruber 1995 Distinguished Young Alumni
Richard Kalbrener 1968 Distinguished Alumni
Nozar Sachinvala 1977 Distinguished Alumni
Kent Gernander   Distinguished Service
Jerry Papenfuss   Distinguished Service
Jacquelyn Gosse 1995 Distinguished Young Alumni
Peter Gutierrez 1991 Distinguished Young Alumni
Gregory Davids 1979 Distinguished Alumni
Richard Kowles 1954 Distinguished Alumni
Pauline Knight   Distinguished Service
Brian Semling 2000 Distinguished Young Alumni
Richard Papenfuss 1963 Distinguished Alumni
Don Supalla 1970 Distinguished Alumni
Wayne Borgen 1969 Distinguished Service
Greg Evans   Distinguished Service
Brad Arndt 1984 Distinguished Young Alumni
Paula Kabe 1991 Distinguished Young Alumni
Gerald Dahling 1968 Distinguished Alumni
Donald Groth 1966 Distinguished Alumni
Tom Baab 1948 Distinguished Service
Michael Ericson 1986 Distinguished Young Alumni
Jerry Foster 1967 Distinguished Alumni
Barbara Knutson 1966 Distinguished Alumni
Frederick Abel 1943 Distinguished Service
Jeremy Tok 1993 Distinguished Young Alumni
Howard Bicker 1970 Distinguished Alumni
John Kunelius 1941 Distinguished Alumni
Doloris Wedul 1963 Distinguished Service
Victor Vieth 1984 Distinguished Young Alumni
John Curtin 1968 Distinguished Alumni
Ted Fredrickson 1967 Distinguished Alumni
Ruth Fish 1933 Distinguished Service
Kenneth Seebold 1952 Distinguished Service
Christine Jahnke 1985 Distinguished Young Alumni
James Traeger 1989 Distinguished Young Alumni
Albert Posz 1944 Distinguished Alumni
Philip Schwab 1949 Distinguished Alumni
Eugene Sweazey 1932 Distinguished Alumni
Joseph Emanuel   Distinguished Service
Verlie Sather Trust 1926 Distinguished Service
Dean Kephart 1975 Distinguished Young Alumni
Larry Kissinger 1974 Distinguished Young Alumni
Roger Flattum 1963 Distinguished Alumni
Clarissa Sunde 1932 Distinguished Alumni
Janet Northup 1936 Distinguished Service
Marion Raymond   Distinguished Service
Seng Nguan Chiam 1987 Distinguished Young Alumni
L Ehlen 1972 Distinguished Young Alumni
Ethel Finley 1941 Distinguished Alumni
Carl Fischer 1931 Distinguished Alumni
Sharon Pierscionek 1979 Distinguished Service
Robert Brewer 1977 Distinguished Young Alumni
George Kabat 1936 Distinguished Alumni
Jerry Seeman 1957 Distinguished Alumni
Amanda Aarestad   Distinguished Service
Mildred McCown 1969 Distinguished Service
Paul Molinari 1973 Distinguished Young Alumni
Spencer Yohe 1972 Distinguished Young Alumni
Elaine Fuller Carter 1958 Distinguished Alumni
Lucille Lackore 1961 Distinguished Alumni
James Van Alstine 1970 Distinguished Alumni
John Hendrickson 1949 Distinguished Service
Gene Pelowski 1975 Distinguished Young Alumni
Elizabeth Vane 1987 Distinguished Young Alumni
Landis Doner 1964 Distinguished Alumni
Howard Rosencranz 1941 Distinguished Alumni
Ulysses Whiteis 1935 Distinguished Alumni
Clarence Currier   Distinguished Service
Doris Killian 1960 Distinguished Service
Lynn Theurer 1968 Distinguished Service
John Hughes 1975 Distinguished Young Alumni
Kimberly McCullough 1977 Distinguished Young Alumni
Mark Wallace 1980 Distinguished Young Alumni
Joseph Barnett 1966 Distinguished Alumni
James Davidson 1940 Distinguished Alumni
Soo Yang 1972 Distinguished Alumni
Helen McGrath 1934 Distinguished Service
Judy Stark   Distinguished Service
W.B. Gibbs 1970 Distinguished Young Alumni
William Harland 1982 Distinguished Young Alumni
Diane Suchomel 1973 Distinguished Young Alumni
Cynthia Van Henkelum 1985 Distinguished Young Alumni
Gordon Elliott 1959 Distinguished Alumni
Glen Johnson 1960 Distinguished Alumni
Robert Wood 1962 Distinguished Alumni
Harry Nevling 1974 Distinguished Young Alumni
Patricia Thompson 1979 Distinguished Young Alumni
Bernard Wallerich 1971 Distinguished Young Alumni
Sebastian Adler 1958 Distinguished Alumni
Stanley Arbingast Estate 1934 Distinguished Alumni
David Keller 1961 Distinguished Alumni
John Moriarity 1931 Distinguished Alumni
William Owens, Jr. 1935 Distinguished Alumni
Glenn Fishbaugher   Distinguished Service
Nels Minne   Distinguished Service
Maynard Weber 1950 Distinguished Service
Joyce Black 1978 Distinguished Young Alumni
Rick Krueger 1971 Distinguished Young Alumni
Bruce Wasserman 1981 Distinguished Young Alumni
John Blatnik 1935 Distinguished Alumni
Robert Brown 1957 Distinguished Alumni
Harry Buck 1953 Distinguished Alumni
Roger Busdicker 1938 Distinguished Alumni
Raymond Casini 1952 Distinguished Alumni
Harold Edstrom 1936 Distinguished Alumni
Everett Edstrom 1937 Distinguished Alumni
Walter Hohenstein 1950 Distinguished Alumni
Marilyn Hood 1949 Distinguished Alumni
Leslie King 1942 Distinguished Alumni
Floretta Murray Estate 1932 Distinguished Alumni
Merle Ohlsen 1938 Distinguished Alumni
Frederick Nelson   Distinguished Service
Gladys Watkins   Distinguished Service
Elaine Colvin 1972 Distinguished Young Alumni
Mary Kotnour 1979 Distinguished Young Alumni
Jeanne Smith 1983 Distinguished Young Alumni
Laurel Pennock 1940 Distinguished  Alumni
Charles Balcer 1942 Distinguished Alumni
Patricia Calvert 1976 Distinguished Alumni
Emma Erickson 1928 Distinguished Alumni
Harry Sieben 1965 Distinguished Alumni
Verner Suomi 1938 Distinguished Alumni
Terry Lierman 1969 Distinguished Young Alumni
Julie MacDonald 1981 Distinguished Young Alumni
Timothy Penny 1974 Distinguished Young Alumni
Dorothy Brubeck 1937 Distinguished Alumni
Robert Gray 1964 Distinguished Alumni
Gertrude Kohner   Distinguished Service
Fred Falk 1973 Distinguished Young Alumni
Robert Keller 1937 Distinguished Alumni
D. Caryl Spriestersbach 1939 Distinguished Alumni
Dorothy Magnus 1923 Distinguished Service

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